The Lustrelucidan Chronicles Series:

The Stolen Wings (Book One) – eBook available for Kindle

The StolenWings-blacknosparkles (1)

Sixteen-year-old Trula Vermilion is about to start an internship at her family’s salon and spa, Glamporia Vermilion, in London’s Regent’s Park. However, this is no ordinary beauty haven but an enchanted space run by fairies from the ethereal yet edgy, ever-sparkling fashion and beauty queendom of Lustrelucida.

Yet this year there is a threat to Trula and the young Lustrelucidan fairies joining the internship programme: The queendom’s stark enemy, banished prince Glint Gunmetal Aureus, is cutting off young fairy wings to use in the popular youth-renewing beauty product line sold at his salon, Gunmetal DirtyPink, in London’s ritzy Mayfair neighbourhood.

As Glint’s henchmen prowl London with the young interns their prime target, the fairies are assigned Lustrelucidan bodyguards—and Trula is having a hard time asserting her city girl independence while her handsome, focused yet otherworldly protector, Dune Verdant tries to keep her safe—and in line.

Set against the bustling capital city of London and the bejewelled, silken fairy realm of Lustrelucida, The Stolen Wings follows the adventures of Trula and her teen fairy friends as they navigate learning as much about the magic of love as they do about magical lotions.