The bare, naked face version 

A. Shea was born and raised in London and now resides in the Washington D. C. area. She has been writing fiction since she was in primary school. She loves reading, watching fashion documentaries and experimenting with new beauty products. The Stolen Wings is her first novel.



The electric blue mascara-hot pink blush-purple lipstick version

~ I wrote a book when I was ten for a class project. It was entitled The Scorpion Ring with characters loosely based on those from the movie Saturday Night Fever and a plotline closely based on an episode of Hart to Hart.

~ Black and pink clothes make up the bulk of my wardrobe. OK, mainly black.

~ I was features editor of my high school newspaper for two years. The highlight of my time there was writing and editing a piece about teen pregnancy that was censored by the school administration. Literally—a huge, black ‘CENSORED’ was stamped across a blank page where my article should have been.

~ I love strongly brewed tea with milk. And cake. And smoked salmon. All at the same time, no problem.

~ I wrote a lot of short stories when I was a teenager, mainly because I thought writing short stories would be easier than writing a novel. It’s not.

~ I lived in Japan for four years, working as an English teacher. One day, I emailed an article about feng shui I had written to a Tokyo magazine. It got published, I received fan mail and scored a monthly gig writing wellness articles for the magazine. In English, thankfully.  I have kindergarten-level Japanese skills.

~ Reading as escapism is why I love books. As a writer, I’ve always wanted to create worlds that readers can escape into, with characters that captivate and stories that entertain. I think the chic, enchanted fairy queendom Lustrelucida with its gemstone-haired, opalescent-skinned, sassy and stylish natives battling an enemy threatening their beauty ethos fits the bill. I hope you think so too.