Guest post by Daisy Mae, author of “Dating Daisy”

I’m very happy to be featuring author/blogger/doctor Daisy Mae as my guest today. Her book “Dating Daisy” is highly entertaining, delving into the world of Internet dating for fiftysomethings in a humourous way. Thank you for this guest post, Daisy!


All About Fairies!



You cannot read ‘The Stolen Wings’ by A. Shea without marvelling at herimagination. She has created a fantastic imaginary world, where modern day fairies live, work and travel around London. Who knows, you might be sitting next to a fairy now, if you are on the tube?!

Flower fairies, Disney fairies, rainbow fairies and pink fairies – fairies are incredibly popular!

Fairy Tales and Childhood

Fairy tales of course are part of our childhood. I have many happy memories of being snuggled in bed or on the sofa, next to my mother, listening to those stories we know so well – ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Rapunzel,’ ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.’ I loved ‘Robert Louis Stephenson’s Child’s Garden of Verses,’ and those fabulous poems about distant lands, growing up and fairytale people – I still have the book on my book case 50 years later!


Where else do we Find Fairy Tales?

I studied ‘The Bloody Chamber,’ by  Angela Carter, while doing an MA in Creative Writing. This is a book of adult fairy tales, in which  Angela Carter embroiders  traditional fairy stories with often horrific consequences – for adults. I was mesmerised by it! It’s the sort of book which I hate to read – but can’t put down – and then have to lock in the back of the wardrobe over night!




Fairy Tales and Me!

I hadn’t realised until I came to write this guest post, that my own writing has been influenced by fairy tales too. In my novel ‘Dating Daisy,’ Chapter Twenty Two is all about pheromones – pronounced ‘fair-ra-moans’.

Here is a fairy excerpt –

… How do we select who we become attracted to? What makes any one individual seem more appealing to us than others? It’s a fact, that there may actually be more to this than merely admiration for this hot person’s physical attributes. And sometimes, you seem drawn to someone who, when the chips are down, isn’t even really that nice looking.

How can this be? Read on!

The answer?

Silently, and also completely invisible, there is a chemical transmission of magic particles – infinitesimally tiny atoms – actually taking place right in front of you!


It’s happened in a flash. His pheromones ping to you, and yours ping immediately back.         It’s a two-way exchange.

You are just a sitting duck. Helpless to the onslaught.

Totally unaware.

Now, ‘love atoms’ are coursing through the bloodstream.

The game of love has officially started.

Now, once this magic hormonal fairy dust is released, and has been inhaled by the other party, a whole ‘Wham, Bam, Thank you Daisy Mae 269 Ma’am!’ of thoughts and desires …” 


Yes – see this key reference to fairies and magic hormonal fairy dust!


Ghosts and Spirits

I also wrote about ghosts and spirits from the underworld –

“… I do however think the smell of a prospective partner is extremely important, don’t you?

Pheromones are actually nothing to do with aftershave or bad breath. This is the key point. The presence of pheromones is an almost supernatural event. They lurk in the air around the pair of you, ready to jump up and scare you. Ghostly apparitions. You can’t summon them up. And if they choose to reveal themselves, there is nothing you can do about it. A pheromone, like a spirit from the underworld, can catch you unawares and freak you out, when you are least aware of it. You just have to read to the end of this book!…”

Daisy and Cinderella!

Later in the book, Daisy signs out from her email correspondence with Patrick, with reference to the fact it is nearly midnight and she is about to lose a glass slipper! While writing, it had not occurred to me how childhood experiences are so integral to who we are, to our thoughts and dreams.


Dating Daisy and The Stolen Wings

Dating Daisy however is essentially a humorous novel, which contains lists of dating tips, and important things like Kissing Tips and Snoring Tips. As you can see – it’s a highly practical account! Even though people usually find it funny.

The Stolen Wings is the exact opposite. It is a beautifully imaginative book, where modern day young people can have a secret fairytale existence. It is a story full of romantic description. I loved the fairies’ names for example – Rosegold, Amaranta and Inferna. And yet these dreamy fairies still eat a full English breakfast! How funny is that! A. Shea’s book has humorous aspects too!


Keep Looking for Fairies!

Fairies and fairy tales are lurking within all of us!

Have a good look next time you’re in Costa Coffee!

Can you spot the fairy ?

I’m sure there will be one in there – somewhere?

Daisy  Mae  x


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